Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Journey to blog..

I can't quite remember how I discovered the wonderful world of blogging(kind of an ugly word for something that can be full of loveliness), but it must have been through one of the inspirational wedding planning websites that I soon became addicted to whilst planning our wedding.I would stay up for hours,my eyes getting squarer and squarer by the minute. And I am still a fully hooked wedding porn junkie despite getting married in July.I kid myself that it's kind of connected with my work but really I can't seem to tear myself away from looking at all the beautiful pictures and just all the gorgeousness!

I should be standing up saying 'Hi, my name's Flora and I'm a wedding porn addict' (Hi Flora!)

First of all there was this place and here where I made lots of like-minded pals and we discussed the big things and the not so big things like dressing dogs up as bridesmaids and what our theme tune that would accompany us through life.Mine would be this

And then, ooo, then I was introduced to the beautiful world of Snippet and Ink, with her colour co-ordinated, masterpieces of elegance and whimsy (ha,love that word)
Oh, to live in a S and I world with flowers and ribbons and swishy dresses- sigh..
These were the pictures that confirmed I wanted a Secret Garden/ Alice in Wonderland

And our tea party would definitely have a touch of the Mad Hatter about it..

From that point, I found myself whiling away the hours on the chain of blog, clicking through the lists on each page, finding new stories and pictures and pretty,pretty things that inspired me and drew sighs of admiration...or just raised a chuckle.

From peonies to something new,lobster and swann to weebirdy.

Wonderful tales from sexyredframe and guiltysecret and dreamy blooms from saipua.

And here because she had violets as her wedding bouquet and anyone that does that wins my heart.. 'Buy a flaawr from a pawr girl Mister?' That's why

It's been a blast.. So after the wedding was done, it felt like a project was needed and somehow all the joy I have got from reading these words made me want to join in too, and share the things that made me smile and swoon. So here I am, finding my way..

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Marli said...

Hi Flora, wedding porn addict! I don't know if you still post but only just discovered link-backs on my blog... and wanted to say hi! I'll snoop around for a bit! x (sexyredframe)