Tuesday, 18 November 2008

all's Fair..

This weekend saw me and a couple of swishy pals,Frenchie and the Bombshell, journey to the Country Living fair. Organised by the magazine of the same name, we were most excited at the prospect of viewing,sampling and shopping all the variety of vintage style, homespun arty crafty wares and bought suitably stuffed purses bulging expectantly in our handbags. It was an epic journey round the variety of stands.From vintage fabrics, hand knitted cushions,rocking horses and retro toys,there were plenty of things to keep us entertained. The most random thing for sale was a birdbox fitted with a teeny tiny camera so you could watch the nesting bird and birdlettes on tv and from the comfort of your sofa. Kind of like Big Brother of the bird world..or I suppose Big Bird Brother. Although after installing the thing, how do you guarantee a bird chooses your hightech nest for it's home? With my luck, it would probably be a case of 'Day 53 in the Big bird box and there is no sign of any birds.But a leaf has blown in'
Surely even a bird needs some privacy!

Things I like

from here

Both from here
They do chickens too..

I still see things and think weddings. I love the leaf tealight holders, they would be perfect for an Autumnal table setting.

There was a lot of Granny-Chic going on at the fair. It's our new favourite style.

Hope and Benson
make these sweet bags and sell the clothes in their shop in Bristol. There was a wonderful knitted cushion which I didn't think I needed at the time, but keep thinking about.. oh well.

We came home laden with goodies.Well, apart from Frenchie. She just bought some sausages..

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